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March 2024

Over spring break we traveled to Los Angeles where we gathered some future inspiration and some new thoughts on what future Dragon Nation Athletic Wear clothing should look like. 


We thought he might find inspo at Venice Beach— because it’s Venice Beach! Birthplace of skateboarding and streetwear. But as it turns out, that’s not the direction Dragon Nation Athletic Wear wants to go in. We want to move away from streetwear and elevate our look and offerings. Because that’s what brands do. They evolve. So that is what we are going to do as well. A new drop is in the works!!

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November 2023

In advance of last year's holiday season (2023), we chose to make fleece sweatpants with a new version of our logo because everyone needs warm sweatpants, especially in Vancouver, where it rains all the time. We also chose to make water bottles, but we wanted them to be more aligned with the current buzz circulating around a certain brand’s bottle that fits into cup holders.


We opened the order form in early November, and for the first week, the sales were slow. Maybe that’s because of a lack of marketing, But then word got out and orders came pouring in. Many were from families that seemed to be ordering gifts because they asked for more than a handful of sweatpants in different sizes and also water bottles. 


At the end of 2023, we donated about $700 to the St. George’s School Hamper Drive. We were also there volunteering to finish packing up all of the hampers. Many other volunteers were representing Dragon Nation Athletic Wear clothing.


Thanks to everyone who ordered--and we’ll post some info about our next drop in the spring!

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