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June 2024

We have just completed our first collaboration! It's with Slavenko Kokic Movement Soccer, and it has been an amazing, crazy process.

Our process began with bumping into Slavenko in early May and him laying out his idea of Dragon Nation creating jerseys for his soccer program. We were immediately intrigued because we could envision how our participation would both help the comunity and grow the name of Dragon Nation. Win/Win!

However, the initial funds were insufficient for what our ideas were, so we decided to do what all soccer teams do: Seek sponsors. We reached out to some of Slavenko’s alumni for help, and their response was incredible. Of course they wanted to help! Just like us, their children had learned so much from Slavenko, and they were thrilled to help support his program. After several rounds of pitching and emailing, we eventually secured additional sponsorships from renowned Vancouver restaurants Hawksworth and Nightingale, in addition to Domus (an innovative real estate developer), and Green Grass, Vancouver's premier promotional item designers). These sponsors were crucial in making our vision a reality.

With our sponsors on board, we then moved on to the collaborative design process, which was both challenging and rewarding. We faced numerous design decisions, from color choice to logo placement, each requiring careful consideration to ensure quality.

In the end, the struggles made the success amazing. We are so grateful to Haywood, Hawksworth, Nightingale, Domus, and Green Grass for their support. We can't wait to see the Movement Soccer players wearing them on the field!


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